50 Shades of Kale

Amazon #1 best-selling tribute to the healthiest food on the planet. 

Learn the many secrets of kale! What makes her a superfood? 

Weave kale into your diet with simple, delicious recipes.

Learn facts, tips, varietals, and become a kale chip expert. 


See the ultimate tribute to Kale!

Make Kale!

Year of Kale

Happy New Year!

2013 - The Year of Kale

The Brain Food Congress tallied the final votes and Kale wins!

Wishing you an abundance of Kale and Happiness in the coming year.

Why Kale?

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Please Explain: Anxiety

WNYC Leonard Lopate Show

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TV & News

ADHD & Diet in Kids

How Food Affects Our Focus


Learn more about the research and watch our discussion on Live from The Couch.


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The Book

The Happiness Diet

A Nutritional Prescription for a Sharp Brain, Balanced Mood, and Lean, Energized Body

The Happiness Diet will teach you how to make simple diet and lifestyle changes that make a big difference in how you feel. With top foods for mood, focus, and energy, shopping tips, brain-building recipes, and other practical advice, Dr. Ramsey and Tyler Graham empower you to build a better brain and reclaim happiness.

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