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The Foods That Beat Depression and Sharpen Your Brain – The Genius Life

I was so excited to sit down with my good friend Max Lugavere for a recent episode of The Genius Life. Max is a fellow brainfoodie and we’ve known each other for quite some time so it’s always great to catch up with him. The post vaccination trip out west to sunny LA wasn’t bad…

Eat Your Way to Better Brain Health – Mindbodygreen Podcast

Why are rates of depression rising so dramatically? Is red meat good or bad for mental health?  What foods should you eat regularly for brain health?  Tune in for  this recent podcast interview I did with my longtime friend and CEO of MindBodyGreen, Jason Wachob, to find out! These last few weeks leading up to…

Anti-Anxiety Diet- with Tom Bilyeu

Does living in the country – versus the city – living make you healthier?  Is nature important for your mental health?  How do I help people change using kindness instead of fear? Promoting a book means a lot of interviews and in the pandemic era, that means I am recording podcasts almost daily. And I…

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