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How to Eat for Better Mental Health: The One You Feed Podcast

I recently was a guest on The One You Feed podcast and had a great conversation with the two hosts Eric and Ginny. They start their podcast by introducing a parable and asking my thoughts on it. Then we dove into nutrition, mental health and even my new course, Healing the Modern Brain. It’s worth…

The Healing Catalyst Podcast with Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh

I recently was a guest on The Healing Catalyst Podcast with Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh. I had a wonderful time talking with her. Dr. Avanti and I discussed my background in psychiatry and how I got to where I am now. We talked about how our relationships with food and eating had an impact on…

My Interview on Been Better… hbU? Podcast with Katie Nehra

I recently got to talk with Katie Nehra on her podcast, Been Better…hbU? I had a great time with her talking all things brain, food, and depression. Katie and I discussed prescription drugs, BDNF, weight gain, and where to start when it comes to trying bi-valves. Also, we each shared a couple of our simplest…

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