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8 Pillars of Mental Fitness

Let’s talk about mental fitness. Maybe you’ve been seeing this phrase around. It’s a new way of thinking about mental health. It’s something that my team and I are really excited about and it’s the subject of our new course, Healing the Modern Brain. Mental fitness, as I define it, is all of the habits,…

AMMEND Trial: Interview with Jessica Bayes

SHOW NOTES: [01:15] What the diets of most young men with depression look like [05:30] We discuss the lack of significant research on male mental health [08:02] Why they chose to meet with the men twice instead of the originally intended eight times [10:20] Jessica shares what they gave the participants of the study [14:42]…

My Favorite Alcohol Swaps

I wanted to take a moment and celebrate a few of the beverages that have helped me not drink alcohol for the last year. About a year ago, I stopped drinking alcohol. I realized drinking wasn’t in line with my goals. It was affecting my mood and my anxiety. Maybe you resonate with that and…

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