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How Fried Foods Impact Anxiety and Depression

I’m interested in how food can be used to optimize mental health and have focused with our clinical group on how we can integrate nutrition and nutrition plans into the treatment of mental health disorders. There’s a new piece of science that is very striking and leads to some direct ideas about things you can…

Nutrition for Bipolar Disorder

Let’s talk about nutrition and bipolar disorder because there’s a new review that just came out that goes over all of the literature that’s ever been published about nutrition and bipolar disorder. My latest book Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety focuses on mood disorders and anxiety disorders but I get asked a lot about…

Tips for Better Sleep

Dim the lights Number one, dim the lights early. When you’re having dinner, when you are hanging out at your home in the evening, try and minimize the amount of artificial light. This sounds easy but a lot of people struggle to do this. A lot of lights will be on bright, after seven, eight…

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