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A revolutionary prescription for healing depression and anxiety and optimizing brain health through the foods we eat, including a six-week plan to help you get started eating for better mental health.

Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety is now available!

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The Healing Catalyst Podcast with Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh

I recently was a guest on The Healing Catalyst Podcast with Dr. Avanti Kumar Singh. I had a wonderful time talking with her. Dr. Avanti and I discussed my background in psychiatry and how I got to where I am now. We talked about how our relationships with food and eating had an impact on…

The Antidepressant Food Scale

I want talk about how we figured out what the best foods for depression are and to walk you through a little bit of nutritional psychiatry history. Back in 2013 and 2014 I presented with colleagues for the first time about nutritional psychiatry at the American Psychiatric Association conference. I met a young psychiatrist, Laura…

How to Eat Your Way to Better Mental Health in 6 Weeks

Can you heal your mental health in just six weeks by changing up the food you eat? I think that you can and that’s what I propose in my new book Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety. This information is so interesting and new and there’s so much data around food and mental health. I…

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