Finding Strength Through Struggle: A Guide to Better Mental Health | Tanmeet Sethi, MD

Tanmeet Sethi, MD, author of “Joy is my Justice”, delves into the profound topic of finding strength through struggle and guides viewers on a transformative journey towards better mental health.

With her compassionate and insightful approach, Dr. Sethi explores various key aspects that contribute to personal growth and resilience.

She also reveals her practical strategies and insights to move from discomfort to authenticity, harness the lessons from pain, and make small but impactful changes in your well-being.

Exploring the concept of in-sourcing our own validation, Dr. Sethi emphasizes the importance of cultivating self-compassion and finding validation from within, rather than solely relying on external sources for validation and self-worth.


0:00 Intro

1:52 The Power of Vulnerability

5:39 Moving From Discomfort to Authenticity

10:22 Gratitude for Your Pain

17:06 Calling Upon Ancestors and Community

24:12 Social Justice: From Powerless to Liberation

28:01 In-Sourcing Our Own Validation

34:04 Small Steps Make Big Changes

44:30 Conclusion


Tanmeet Sethi, MD, is a board-certified Integrative Family Medicine physician and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine. She has spent the last twenty-five years on the frontlines practicing primary care, working in global trauma, and community activism. Dr. Sethi has devoted her career to caring for the most vulnerable and teaching physicians how to care for these communities in the most humane and skillful way possible. She is a highly sought-after speaker and her TEDx talk offers a radical way to practice gratitude. She lives in Seattle with her family.


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Drew Ramsey, MD

Drew Ramsey, M.D. is a psychiatrist, author, and farmer. He is a clear voice in the mental health conversation and one of psychiatry’s leading proponents of using nutritional interventions. He is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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