Nathalia Guimarães – RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist)

Clinical and Integrative Nutritionist, currently working at a multidisciplinary clinic in Brazil with Integrative Medicine doctors and Psychiatrists.

Besides having a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, I have two post grads, one in Functional Nutrition and one in Functional Sports Nutrition.

I take care of an array of patients with multiple issues. Considering that our body is interconnected, I firmly believe that there is no complete health without proper mental health and mental health issues are an alert that the body is not balanced and healthy. That is where nutrition certainly plays a huge role, and I already have been seeing amazing results in a short period.

Address205 Rua Almirante Saddock de Sá
Rio de Janeiro 22411-040

Phone5521981813324 or 552121472472

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