Dr. Carly Crewe, MD CCFP

Dr. Carly Crewe MD is a Canadian-trained family physician and MD Psychotherapist specializing in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of mental health illness in women.

Dr. Crewe uses a diverse combination of modalities in her work including varied therapy modalities (CBT, DBT, interpersonal, solution-focused, etc), integrative approaches, psychopharmacology and nutritional psychiatry (using food as medicine.)

After becoming a mother and struggling with severe postpartum mental illness, Carly became passionate about women and maternal mental health. Carly is the Owner and Founder of Eunoia Medical, an innovative telemental health clinic for women, designed in the pursuit of a well mind. As a completely virtual platform, patients of Eunoia Medical can access high quality, personalized and effective therapies in the comfort of their own homes.

AddressSundre, Alberta



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