Alexandra (Sasha) Goodman, MA, LMFT

Sasha Goodman, MA, LMFT is a Mental Health professional and a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine provider who is trained in a number of modalities and draws from Family Systems, Gottman Method, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, and Nutritional Psychiatry.  She has over 13 years of experience helping clients improve emotional wellness and mental health concerns through psychotherapy, coaching, latest science in real food nutrition and other alternative strategies.  She approaches mental health and well-being in an action-oriented way and from a holistic, whole-body perspective, with an underlying view that mind, body and spirit are interconnected.  She works with individuals, couples, and families struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, self-esteem, life transitions, work-life balance, and finding inner peace.


Sasha helps you explore the possibilities of change in an open minded, compassionate, supportive and unconditionally accepting environment.  Change can be scary and difficult.  Throughout the therapeutic process, you will have an opportunity to access inner strengths, explore past experiences, confront fears, gain insight with a sense of mindfulness and curiosity.  No matter where you are in your journey, whether it is to optimize emotional and/or physical wellbeing or maintain it, integrative therapy can help.


Sasha is committed to a lifestyle that she teaches her clients which incorporates mindfulness, emotional health, whole food eating, and fulfilling activities. She is excited to help you build confidence in creating a nourishing lifestyle that considers mind/body balance, self-care, hopefulness and excitement.


Virtual services in Ohio include:

Individual Therapy

Marital, Couple, and Family Therapy


AddressWestlake, Ohio 44145


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